Why You Need To Be Writing Pseudo Code

The first thing you may be asking your self is “what the heck is Pseudo Code?”

Pseudo Code is not an actual programing language, it is just a program’s logic written in simple English language (or your own native language). It’s like a rough draft of your program, each step written in your natural language before you convert it to your specific programing language.

There are many advantages to using Pseudo Code, I will list a few below:

  1. Eliminate errors, by writing out the logic before coding, will help identify any faults.
  2. Writing code will be more efficient, as you only need to concentrate on the programing language syntax
  3. Where required you can use the Pseudo Code as documentation, to make your program easier to understand

Here is an example of using Pseudo Code

Pseudo Code Example
Pseudo code with C# code



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