What is Filebase and How do you use it?

Objective: How to install Filebase

Filebase is the Ultimate Game Asset plugin for Unity. It was built by GameDevHQ to provide the professional game developer with a library of Game Ready Assets.

Find out more here: https://filebase.gamedevhq.com

To install Filebase follow these 3 steps:

  1. Purchase a 1-year Filebase membership here: https://sales.gamedevhq.com/filebase/

2. Download the plugin here: https://filebase.gamedevhq.com

Downloading Filebase

Then drag the file into your project.

Install Filebase in Project

3. Once installed there will be a Filebase menu in the top menu bar in Unity. Click Filebase, then Open, Login into account, and start browsing the assets

opening Filebase

How to Use Filebase:

Once you have Filebase open you can search for an asset or browse the assets by category.

Once you have found the asset you want, click on download. This will download and then click import to have the asset imported into your project.

Download and Import

An easy way to locate your asset in your project is to click on the locate button on the asset once it's imported.

Locating the asset

If you are serious about creating a game I would highly recommend getting a subscription to Filebase. This will give you access to all the game assets you will need. As a bonus, you will also have access to code challenges to brush up on your coding skills.

Happy Coding!!!!




Unity / C# Game developer

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Bill Rislov

Bill Rislov

Unity / C# Game developer

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