Phase 2: Negative Pickup

Objective: Create a power-up that negatively affects the player. I have chosen to negatively affect the player by slowing the speed.


Ok, the first thing to do is create the power-up game object. I will name it Negitive_Powerup. Also, we will need to add a rigid body(set gravity to 0), circle collider(set as a trigger), and add the power-up script. In the power-up script, I will set the speed and power up ID.

Next, we will update the Player script, the first is to set a bool to turn on and off the negative powerup.

Next, we will create the method to set the bool to True and call the cooldown IEnumerator.

In the CalculateSpeed Method I will check for the _isNegativeBoostActive.

The last thing to do is call the NegativeBoostActive method when the Player collides with the Negative PoserUp.

Lets see this is action


Happy Coding!!!




Unity / C# Game developer

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Bill Rislov

Bill Rislov

Unity / C# Game developer

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