Level Design in Unity Part 3: The Columns

Objective: Design a Sci-Fi Lab using assets from GameDevHQ’s Filebase.

Finished Columns

First I will make a Prefab of the column I want to use in the SciFi Lab. This will be made up of a few assets from Filebase.

Column 1 and column 2
Column 2 and Column 3

Next, I will make sure all the pieces are in place and lined up. I will be using Vertex Snapping.

Vertex Snapping

Now that it is all lined up correctly I will move it into place along the wall using the Move Tool, and make sure the size is correct using the Scale Tool.

Moving and Scaling

Now that I have it the way I want, I will create an Empty GameObject called Column02 and drag all the Objects into the Empty Object to cleanup the Hierarchy.

Clean up Hierarchy

I will create a prefab of Column02 so I can use it throughout the Scene and have the ability to make changes to all that Column02 objects just by changing the Prefab Object.

Create Prefab

Creating an Archway using the Columns.


Now I will place the Columns and Archways throughout the SciFi Lab Scene.

Completed Columns and Archways

Next will be the Ceiling and support Struts.

Happy Coding!!!!



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