Level Design in Unity Part 2: The Walls

Objective: Design a Sci-Fi Lab using assets from GameDevHQ’s Filebase.

Completed Walls

Now that the Scifi Lab has a Floor, I will move on to creating the walls. I will be using the same asset pack I used for the floor on the walls. I will use a variety of panels to create the wall using a pattern of light, dark, light, dark, light to give it some height.

First wall Tile

I will be adding the second tile to the wall. I will use the vertex snapping tool to get the tiles lined up perfectly.

Vertex Snapping

Now I have placed a few more objects and I have a pretty good-looking wall.

Wall 01

I will be using this object quite a few times so I will want to make it into a prefab. I will create an empty object called Wall_01 and drag in all the objects that make up the wall.

New Wall GameObject

To make a prefab I will drag the Wall_01 Object into the Prefab Folder I created named SciFi_Walls.

Wall_01 Prefab

An easy way to make variations of a Prefab is to drag it into the Hierarchy and unpack it. The original object is still safe and sound in the prefab folder. I will rename the Wall_01 prefab I just unpacked in the Hierarchy to Wall_02.

Unpacking a Prefab

I will also change out some of the tiles to give them a unique look.

Wall_01 and Wall_02

Next, I will make the Wall_02 Object into a Prefab so I can reuse it.

Wall_02 Prefab

Now I will alternate Wall_01 and Wall_02 to create the walls around the SciFi Lab Floor. I will use Vertex Snapping again to connect the Wall Panels.

Connecting the Wall Panels

Continued copying walls around the lab floor.

I have finished copying all walls, alternating between Wall_01 and Wall_02 Prefabs.

Completed Walls

Next, I will be adding some more detail by adding columns to the walls.

Happy Coding!!!



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