Level Design in Unity Part 1: The Floor

Objective: Design a Sci-Fi Lab using assets from GameDevHQ’s Filebase.

Completed Floor

Let’s get started building this SciFi Laboratory. First I will be downloading assets from Filebase. Filebase was created by GamedevHQ and is an awesome place to get game-ready assets. Learn more about it in my here.


Once I have the assets downloaded I can start placing them in the scene to create the floor. I will start with creating the hallway.

Creating the Hallway

Now that the hallway is completed I will start creating the base floor layout. by coping the tiles and moving them into place.

Creating the base Floor

Next, I will create a border with a different color tile. Below I am starting the border, it will be going around the entire base floor.

creating the border

To give the flor some variety I will change out some of the tiles. To do this I will select the tile I want to change and drag a new Tile to be a child of the Original tile. Then click on the transform add do a reset and drag it out of the Parent in the hierarchy. Lastly, I will delete the original tile.

Changing out tiles

Next, I will be creating a prefab using two different objects to create a unique floor tile. To see more about making prefabs, check my previous article here.

Creating a Prefab

After swapping out the corner tiles with the Prefab, we have a complete floor for our Sci-Fi Lab.

Floor Complete

To see some of the techniques used to move around objects to make level design quicker and easier, check out this previous article on shortcuts to making level design easier.

Happy Coding!!!!



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