Introduction to Timeline Unity

Objective: Add animation to the cut scenes using Timeline

First I will add the Timeline Window to the project and adjust the panes so I can work efficiently with Timeline

Now that the Timeline Window is set up I will create a Timeline animation on my Sleeping_Guard_CutScene. I will select the top-level Object for my cut scene and select “Create” in the Timeline window.

Creating A Timeline

One of the things this does is add a Playable Director to the cut scene Gameobject.

Ok, now that I have a Timeline created I will need to add a CinemaTrack. One way to do this is to drag the Main Camera to the Timeline Window and selecting CinemaTrack. This will add the Cinemachine Brain that was created when creating the Virtual Cameras.

Now it’s time to add the two Virtual Camera shots to the CinemaTrack.

Adding the Virtual Camera

Now that the Virtual camera shots are added, I can add the animation track.

Adding the Animation Track

Ok, let's see how that animation looks.

Animation Demo

Now that the Virtual Camera Shots and the Animation are set up in the Timeline I will polish up the look and feel with Panning and Fading(in the next article).

Happy Coding!!!!!



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