How to Install the Universal Render Pipeline

Bill Rislov
2 min readMar 9, 2022

Objective: Upgrade project to use the Universal Render Pipeline.

Universal Render Pipeline

Our current project “Sci-fi Control Room” has been using the standard built-in pipeline render which is ok for general use but if you are looking for better graphics and better performance the Univeral Render Pipeline is what you want to upgrade your project to.

The First Step to Upgrading my project to the Universal Render Pipeline is to export my project. There are two reasons I am doing this. The first is so that I have a copy of my project before any update from the URP. The second is I will use this export to import my project into a new project that I create with the Universal Render Pipeline.

Exporting Project

Importing the project is as easy as dragging the exported project into the project view of the current project. First I will create a new project using the Universal Render Pipeline.

Creating new URP

Next, I will drag the exported project into the new URP project.

Importing the project

Now that I have the project imported I will need to upgrade all the materials to the Universal Redner Pipeline.

Upgrading the Materials

Here is what the scene looks like after the updating is completed.

Updated Scene

Now that we have the project updated to the Universal Render Pipeline, we can add a Custom Skybox.

Happy Coding!!