How To Add a Custom Skybox

Bill Rislov
Jul 3, 2022

Objective: Add a Custom Skybox to our scene.

Our project is upgraded to the Universal Render Pipeline, next I will create new lighting settings. I will set the light mapper to Progressive GPU and select Auto-generate. The Auto-generate will allow me to see the changes in real time.

New Lighting

Next, I will create a new material and name it Skybox. Then in the inspector change the shader to Skybox and select the Procedural skybox.

create skybox

Now that the Skybox Material is set, I will assign it in the Lighting Environment and set the Sun Source to the Directional Light.

Assigning the skybox

Now I can play around with some settings in the skybox material. First I will adjust the atmosphere thickness. Watch below.

Adjusting the atmosphere

Next, I will adjust the size of the Sun and the exposure

Adjusting the Sun
adjusting the Exposure

Happy Coding!!!!