Different Lights in Unity

Objective: Add lighting to our Scene to bring it to life.

In my scene, I will be adding a point light and a spotlight. This will help guide the player through the scene and highlight the areas they should focus on.

Point Light: A Point Light is set at a particular spot in our scene and sends light out in all directions equally. The Light intensity will diminish with the distance from the light

Adding a Point Light

After adding the point light to the scene I can now adjust the radius and the intensity of the light

Adjusting the Light

Now that I have the Point Light adjusted I can simply create duplicates and place them around my Scene.

Placing Lights around the Scene

SpotLight: Similar to the Point Light, with the main difference being the light is constrained to an angle which gives it a cone shape and the light travels in one direction.

Adding a SpotLight

Once the SpotLight is pointed in the right direction, I can adjust the range and the radius of the light

Adjusting the SpotLight

Now to look that what adding some lights to the scene can do for the overall feel of the Game

Light Demo

Happy Coding!!



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