Adding Post-Processing Profiles in Unity

Bill Rislov
2 min readJul 29, 2022

Objective: Using Post Processing Profiles in the Universal Rendering Pipeline(URP)

Post Processing comes with the Universal Render Pipeline, so there is no need to downland and import any separate packages. URP uses a volume framework for its post-processing effects

First, we will need to set up the global volume. In the Hierarchy click on the Plus sign, then click column then Global Volume

Creating the Global Volume

Now we will need to turn on the post-processing. Go to the Main Camera, in the inspector under renderer, click on Post-Processing and select anti-aliasing, this will sharpen up the edges.

Next, we need to create a new profile

Creating the Global Profile

Now that the profile is created, we can start to add overrides. the first override I will add is Bloom.

adding bloom

The Bloom effect creates fringes of light extending from the borders of bright areas in an image. Learn more about Bloom here

Below I will show some of the effects of using Bloom

Adjusting the Bloom Intesity

The second override I will add is Lift Gamma Gain. This effect allows you to perform three-way color grading. you can find out more here.

Below are some effects of using Lift Gamma Gain.

Adjusting Lift Gamma Gain

Happy Coding!!!!