Adding Emissions to Custom Textures

Bill Rislov
2 min readJul 19, 2022

Objective: Add an Emissions Chanel to our Custom Textures in our scene

First I will drag the texture into Gimp

Import to Gimp

Now I will add a layer for the emissions.

Add a layer for the emissions

Then I will use the rect tool to select the areas I want to have emissions. To select multiple areas I will hold down the shift key as I select the areas.

Select the emissions area

I will use the fill tool and select the color white. With all areas selected I will click on the area to fill with the color selected.

Fill in the emission area

To black out the rest of the area, I will add a second layer, then unselect the previously filled area and use the fill tool to fill in the color black.

Add the second Layer

Now that I have the two layers done I will merge them into one layer.

Merging Layers

Once I have the layer exported back to the original location, I can go back to unity and add it to the emissions Chanel.

The scene with the emissions added

Scene After Emissions

Happy Coding!!!!