Objective: Create the illusion that the Key Card was taking from the Sleeping Guard.

Taking Card Demo

The first thing I will need to do is add an Activation Track in the Timeline. Then add the Key Card Object to the Track.

Objective: Add a fading from a black screen to Alpha

Fading from Black to Alpha

The first thing to do is create a UI Image Element. Strech it to cover the whole screen. Change color to black. Note: make sure the Canvas object is set to scale with screen size.

Objective: Create a Panning Effect on the Virtual Camera CM Card Shot using a Look At Object

Panning Demo

The first thing I will do is line up the shot in the Scene View.

Objective: Create a Camera Panning to have a better Look and Feel.

According to the director notes, they want the Camera to pan up and across the shoulders. This will give the shot a more cinematic look and feel.

OTS Camera Panning Up

First thing I need to do is add an animation track to the Timeline. Then add the virtual camera(CM OTS SHOT) to the Animation Track on the Timeline.

Objective: Add animation to the cut scenes using Timeline

First I will add the Timeline Window to the project and adjust the panes so I can work efficiently with Timeline

Now that the Timeline Window is set up I will create a Timeline animation on my Sleeping_Guard_CutScene. I will select the top-level Object for my cut scene and select “Create” in the Timeline window.

Objective: Composing the Shot of our Sleeping Guard Cut Scene based on the Directors notes.

Director Notes

Based on the Director's notes I will have two Shots to compose. The first is over the shoulder shot and the second is the Card grab. I will set up to Virtual Cameras in cinemachine.

The first shot will be the “Over the Shoulder” Shot. Select Cinemachine then select Create Virtual Camera. Select in Hierarchy and rename it. I will name it CM OTS Shot.

Objective: Set up a cut scene of our Player stealing a Key Card from the Sleeping Guard

Cut Scene Demo

The first thing I will do is move the Cut Scene Actors into the Scene(The Cut Scene has been put together outside of Unity by our Graphic Artist). Then I will rename it to “Sleeping Guard Cut Scene Actors”.

Objective: Install Cinemachine to create cut scenes for your game.

First, we need to download and install Cinemachine from the Unity Package Manager. Click Window, then select Package Machine. Make sure to select Packages: Unity Registry. You can use the search bar or just scroll down the list till you see Cinemachine. Select it then click on install. This will import and install Cinemachine in your Project.

Hope this quick tutorial helps. Happy Coding!!!

Objective: Use a Light probe group to use the light from emissions and project it onto Dynamic Gameobjects moving through the Scene.

Light Probe Demo

What light Probes do is project baked light data from the scene onto Dynamic Objects passing through the scene. In the scene above we have an Emissions channel on the service desk and the cube, with the Light Probes, the baked lighting is projected onto the Sphere passing by.

Next, I will demonstrate how to create a Light Probes Group.

Objective: Create a lighted display case without using a light source.

Display case before

A 3D artist created a wood surface color texture map that we will use on the material for the display case.

Bill Rislov

Unity / C# Game developer

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