Objective: How to install Filebase

Filebase is the Ultimate Game Asset plugin for Unity. It was built by GameDevHQ to provide the professional game developer with a library of Game Ready Assets.

Find out more here: https://filebase.gamedevhq.com

To install Filebase follow these 3 steps:

  1. Purchase a 1-year Filebase membership here…

Objective: Add a Walking Animation to the Player when they are Moving.

First I will open the Animator Window for Darren and drag in the Walking Animation from the Animations Folder. Then add the transitions from Idle to Walking and back.

Now I will add a parameter of type bool(True…

Objective: Set up Animation for the Player Character.

First I will open our Animations folder, then open the folder for our Character, Darren. then right-click, select Create, then select Animator Controller. I will name the Controller Darren.

Next, I will open the Darren Animator Controller Window then drag the Idle Animation to the window.

Objective: Have the camera always looking at the Player

When the Player moves through the Scene I want the Camera to always be looking at them.

First I will create a script and assign it to the Main Camera.

Open up the new script and set a reference to the Transform of the target to look at. I have set the attribute serialized field so I can assign the object in the Inspector.

Objective: Changing Camera Angle as Player Moves through the Scene.

The first thing that I will do is create empty Gameobjects throughout the Scene. Then add components; box collider and a ridgidbody.

Make sure to check isTrigger and turn off gravity.

Now that the Triggers are set it’s time to create the code for setting the Camera angles. I will first create a script CamerTrigger and assign it to each Trigger GameObjects.

Objective: Create a point and click movement using Unity’s AI Navigation

Before setting up the AI Navigation, I will set all the objects in the scene to static. This will leave a perimeter around the objects that will prevent the player from passing through the object.

Next, I will bake…

Bill Rislov

Unity / C# Game developer

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