2D Galaxy Space Shooter

Bill Rislov
2 min readJun 13, 2022


Objective: ReCap the development process of a 2D Space Shooter Game

Creating this 2D Galaxy Space Shooter Game has been a great adventure, as this was my first project in my journey to becoming a software developer using Unity and C#. Below is my prototype just using cubes. This allowed me to focus on player movement and gameplay before spending time and money on game assets.

Prototype using just primitive GameObjects

Next is after I add some cool game assets and a space background.

Added Sprites and a Background Image

During this journey, they were some struggles but nothing a little determination and hard work couldn't overcome. Some of the skills I have been able to develop during this process are as follows:

Player Movement using Transform.Translate

Instantiate GameObjects

using Colliders and Trigger events

Script Communications using GetComponent

Using Coroutines, especially for timed events, like slowing down the fire rate of the player

Creating a Wave Spawning System for the Enemies

Building the Main Menu using UI Elements

Visual Effects and GameObject Animations

Adding Sounds and Sound Effects

An Introduction to Post Processing

Deploying Game to WebGL and Hosting it on Itch.io. You can go here to check it out: https://billriz.itch.io/2dgalaxy

Published Game

You can follow my journey here: https://medium.com/@billrislov/list/2d-galaxy-space-shooter-dev-log-cb6b69430828

Happy Coding!!!